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NMCP Studio - Blast Of The Iron Palm - Limited Edition Picture Disc

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Blast Of The Iron Palm

Limited Edition 10 inch picture disc, Lathe-cut Vinyl with unique handmade cover and QR code for Looper Beats.

Ever since NMCP Studio built their own record-cutting machine from scratch over 10 years ago, they have perfected their craft and developed their own innovations which has led to incredible DJ-tool releases like Blast Of The Iron Palm.

A 10" lathe-cut picture disc, with the image lined up to the skipless scratch samples contained in the grooves, that has a built-in collection of looper beats! Scan the QR code on the surface of the disc, and you will access the Blast Of The Iron Palm beat looper online, a collection of dangerously good instrumentals to practice and perform with, combining perfectly with the sounds on the record.

Entirely hand-made, these records all have their own unique cover design, and are extremely limited edition.

And of course there are drums and bass samples included, making this one slice of wax an invaluable addition to any Skratch DJ's toolkit.