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Custom fader Caps - fader cap for 8mm stem faders

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The first and only asymmetric crossfader caps for scratch DJs!

Designed by turntablists for turntablists, this cap's shape is the result of extensive prototyping and testing in an effort to improve on stock rectangular caps and cater to the specific techniques of turntablism.

These caps are longer overall than stock crossfader caps and feature a rolled lower side for the thumb to rest on and a pointed lower side that allows fingers to snap easier and more precisely crab scratches and similar techniques.

Tested to fit 8mm style crossfader posts (RAne, Innofader, Ecler, etc), currently working on portable compatibility (works on Stanton STX with shimming, sits high on Omni but an updated design is on the way- untested on all others).

NOTE: Every cap is made to order and finished by hand. As such slight variations in surface texture and coloration will occur.