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CD - Grandeurs Of Delusion - Pastor Of Muppets

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Pastor Of Muppets (NAUSE005) 

The third album from the creators of Stale Breath Of Fresh Ahhh and Night Of The Flavigator.

After a couple of years of dominating their local quarter of the planet through running the Community Skratch Games and touring all over Europe, the G.O.D decided it was time for another album in around 2011.

Now recognized as some of the world's leading skratchers, and known from bringing the hardest beats with them, the band started working on a more psycheadelic angle for Pastor Of Muppets. Manipulate and Deviant lead the way, and invited their trusted collaborators from various other projects to join in.

Deviant and his mythical collaborator, Naive Ted, called upon fellow members of the Community Skratch Games team to perform, resulting in some excellent contributions featuring Jimmy Penguin, Mikey Fingers, Tweek and Danny Deepo.

Once again Alex Young brings the mentally disturbing and “morally challenging” artwork to set the tone for the album...

Side A:
01 – Big Shot
02 – Valium Machine Gun
03 – Puppy
04 – Shazaaam
05 – Yoooooth Club
06 – Step Toe

07 – Weekly Bitch Swap
08 – Plutonian Error
09 – Penultimatro
10 – Whatsthematterzappa
11 – Where Are These Spasms Of Terror Going?

Cover art by Alex Young