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CD - Blunt Runners - State Of Emergency

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State Of Emergency

Blunt Runners is a partnership formed in 2018 between the producer Ostil World and

the Dj Mr. Razor. Our objective is to celebrate and pay homage to the Hip Hop culture
and its elements. Continuing the tradition of the original techniques, DIGGING (search for material to sample), SAMPLING (reuse of a portion -, or sample - of a
sound recording in a new composition or context), DJING (one of the elements of
Hip Hop culture and cornerstone of the musical genre) and TURNTABLISM (use of
the turntable as a musical instrument, manipulating sounds to create new music),
through an unique atmosphere where the symbiosis between beats and scratch take
center stage.

Ostil World is a graphic designer and plastic artist who is also a beatmaker. Ostil started making beats in 2006 and is a Solid Movement member.

DJ since 2000, focusing on turntablism, Mr Razor features as scratcher in numerous productions within the Portuguese hip hop movement.


Coincidence or premonition?

State of Emergency is Blunt Runner's first album, the title was chosen before the
pandemic began and came from Steel Pulse’s theme with the same name. This album is a homage to Hip Hop culture and those who built it and inspired us to contribute with our music. We want to create something different but based on the knowledge and respect for what was built before.

The popularization of this musical genre can undermine Hip Hop's origins, in
response we create State of Emergency with the objective of empowering the culture's foundations such as DJing, Turntablism, Digging and Sampling.

“If you put water into milk is not milk, is milkish...” Peter Tosh