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7 inch vinyl - Oslo Flow - Alx Plato - House Rules

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House Rules (CNP022)

“Everybody knows I’ve got the skills to pay the bills!”

Professor Plato of Oslo Flow is a giant of the global scratch community. Well known for his original flow on the cut and top level production skills, a myriad of ill beats, raw cuts & inspiring performances are left in his wake. Alx Plato will break it down... the M is for Master of SKRATCH!

7” CNP022 “House Rules” follows up on the “Try To Step” 12” that was released in early 2019. You’ll find the best of the acappela loops from the original 12” & the 5th unreleased beat in the “Try To Step” saga. The A side immediately activates your inner wobble with the instrumental track “House Rules”, a screw-faced blend of electro and funk. Loose like a wizard’s sleeve and tight like a tiger... Oslo Flow deliver the goods each and every time.

The B side has been constructed using the format that offers the best balance between laying out the maximum amount of content for you to get ill with, while making sure it is arranged in a format that is very easy to use on the fly. There are a total of 7 skipless loops arranged at 83.33 BPM. 5 of these are acapella loops from the original release. A 6th new loop and hidden samples have been added to keep the flavour of your cuts original. Standard C&P operating procedure of a drum loop and a tone ending with a lock groove are found at the end of the B side.

Original art by Alx Plato, mastered by D. Perez with arrangement guidance by Symatic... it’s time to turn the beat up and give you bass!

Side A:
House Rules

Side B: