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12 inch vinyl - Vince Mack Mahon - Vince Mack Mahon LP

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Vince Mack Mahon LP (NOZ004)

It's hard to know where to begin describing Vince Mack Mahon, so some simple facts would be a good start. It's a group of musicians from all over Ireland; Jimmy Penguin, Tweek, Mikey Fingers and Deviant, who have each explored playing turntables to an incredibly high level, and they made this album entirely from samples manipulated by hand back in late 2008.

The members of the group have each contributed to extensive acedemic studies of skratch music, while all being active, either separately or together, in their local underground music scenes.
Their approach reflects a deep respect for musical traditions, while they have mastered a relatively non-traditional instrument.

All 4 musicians are hosts of the incredible Community Skratch Games – an annual event held in Galway aimed at bringing together the disparate members of the worldwide skratch scene, with a focus on good music and atmosphere over all-out battling and showcases of technical prowess (although these things will inevitably occur naturally with such a prime selection of turntablists in one place!). Their performances at the Games are legendary.

It's music first, skratching is just how it's made. The choice of source material plays a large part in giving the album it's sublime feel, never relying on played out sounds, or conforming to any tired-out musical templates. Vince Mack Mahon takes great steps in the direction of taking skratching beyond it's hip-hop confinements. While the technical skills required to play the music are very advanced, they are not the focus of the musical or artistic content.

Side A:
01 – Reversinary Mercinary (Prologue)
02 – Bing Grrs Feet
03 – My Bed Is The Moon
04 – The Amazing World of Tweek, Ted & Keith

05 – Oh Dear Arcake
06 – You & Me (I Want You Yeah!)
07 – Claps When It All Ends Will
08 – Why Is It So Damn Relevant?
09 – Reversinary Mercinary (Epilogue)

Cover art by Alis

Mastered by Chiwawa Studios and Jimmy Penguin