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12 inch vinyl - Valance Drakes - Monster's Love Letter - Subliminal Arrangements

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Monster's Love Letter - Subliminal Arrangements (ALKV001)

We're very honored to be able to offer this outstanding Debut (double) EP from the immensly talented Valance Drakes, working under the alias MusSck (pronounced “Mu Sick”).

Subliminal Arrangements / Monster's Love Letter was Alkalinear Recordings' first ever release, and we have got our hands on some of the stock that was buried in an underground shelter for use only when necessary.

The beats on this double EP are straight from the future, with shifting textures and atmospheres barely holding together as they are processed, glitched, and re-digitized via deep thumping kicks and snares that could have once been hip hop beats, if they hadn't got sucked into a black hole and sent back in time to Valance's computer....

If you want to listen to electronic music delivered straight from the soul, listen to this.

Artwork by Chaya Amarov and Dan Mac Eoin.