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12 inch vinyl - Tehu - EP Boulevard Vol 2

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EP Boulevard Vol.2 

Cut & Paste Records is excited to announce that ’EP Boulevard Vol.2’ by Téhu is now available alongside the many other excellent vinyl releases from our web shop.

Téhu has hit the studio to compose and produce a new opus of his "EP Boulevard" series. Beyond hip hop, EPB2 brings together strong grooves, jazzy tones and harmonic improvisations while leaning towards a cinematic experience.

Téhu’s passion for pianos and synthesizers is self admittedly "close to madness”. EP Boulevard Vol.2 sees Téhu continuing with the groovy and Jazz vibes found on the first volume of this series. With more available instruments at his fingertips this time round, he was able to explore new piano chords with a goal to have the instruments ring the most bizarre ways possible.

Téhu has teamed up with many Montreal musicians in creating this album. You’ll find vocal contributions by Leonie Gray and Helmé (his long time colleague from Dézuets d’Plingrés), Hugo Lamontagne on saxophone, Alex Lahaie on electric guitar, Sqreeb on MPC and scratching by a crew of Montreal DJs, Killa Jewel, Pete Burn, Famelik, Jon Rist, Noyl, Robo Duhl and Tremblix.

The syncopated rhythms that are often featured on this album bring it closer to an experimental hip-hop album than a traditional jazz influenced release. It takes the listener on a beautiful journey of jazzy grooves and ambient soundscapes.