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12 inch vinyl - Tehu - EP Boulevard

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EP Boulevard 

Cut & Paste Records is excited to announce that ’EP Boulevard’ by Téhu is now available alongside the many other excellent vinyl releases from our web shop.

Téhu is known as a Montreal beat maker who is freakishly in love with electric pianos, and a master at putting together live looping performances with a never ending evolving group of electric pianos, synthesisers and samplers.

Produced in collaboration between Unlog, Tour de Manege, Ugly Pitch and Dézuet d’Plingres, ‘EP Boulevard’ is a vibrant and modern tribute to the golden age of electronic keyboards. Somewhere between hip hop and jazz, and at the crossroads between Cinematic Orchestra, Bonobo, Harmonium and Herbie Hancock, ‘EP Boulevard’ presents over an hour of immaculately crafted instrumental music, perfect for chilling with friends or for the music lover eager to reconnect with retro sounds.

The theme of this unique project is Téhu's passion for Electric Pianos (or EP) developed during the '60s and' 70s. Collector and geek of the highest order, Téhu has found, adjusted and repaired each of the classic pianos used in this unique project. Nominated as one of the “Experimental Albums of the year” at the GAMIQ Gala in Québec in 2017, ‘EP Boulevard” takes the listener on a journey of loop-based evolutionary grooves.

All tracks and instruments played, produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Téhu. All soprano and tenor saxophones played by Hugo.
Guitar played by Alex on Ernst Strings.
Photography by Michael Chamberland.
Additional artwork by Téhu.
Artwork edited for the vinyl sleeve by Célia Genevois.