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12 inch vinyl - Silk Cuts and Muzzell - Cruel Transitions

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Cruel Transitions (UKT01)

Silk Kuts & Muzzell need no introduction amongst turntable musicians, they’ve been solidly manipulating discs under a stylus for close to 2 decades. They’ve recently unearthed about 100 copies of the rare “Cruel Transitions” scratch record produced by them and released in 2006 under the banner. These are original pressings, this is not a re-press.

“Cruel Transitions” is a powerhouse battle record from a golden era of U.K. turntablism. Packed with funny disses and intros from TV and film, innovative beats and sounds to cut up. The work is delivered in one solid chunk of audio per side. Not a fully skipless disc, but synchronised to the RPM of the turntable to make cueing and routine construction an intuitive process.

We’ve all lucked out, this is a gem of a record packed with an extensive amount of creative and varied content fo you to get creative with!

Artist Names: Silk Kuts & Muzzell

Title: Cruel Transitions

Cat. Number: UKT01

Artwork: bee