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12 inch vinyl - Roughneck Jihad - The Red Sentence

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Red Herring (EAR032)

This album is the brain child of Roughneck Jihad and Pryvet Peep Sho. They collaborated in the creation of the character concept for the Red Sentence. After getting half way done they decided to pursue other projects. The project was reborn with new beats but mostly the same lyrics. The original intent was to do a narrative album full of raps that tell the story of a socialist crime fighter and his crew. They strive to protect their city from the forces of fascism. If this album were a TV series this would be season 1 of the Red Sentence. If it were a comic book it would be a four issue limited series.

released May 31, 2020

Frank John James 4
Awkward 1
Waxsmith 14,11,8,6,5,2

All Cuts

Roughneck Jihad

Cover Art
Matt Herbert

Recorded at the Mothership by Clockwize
Mixed and mastered by Jerry D Mixed It at Tone Freq Studios San Jose California