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Cut & Paste Records

10 inch vinyl - Roughneck Jihad and Symatic - Simon Bar Sinister

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Simon Bar Sinister (CNP029)

No play fight. Simon Bar Sinister is Cut & Paste Records first 10” release. All the music on this 6 track EP was created by Skratchlord Symatic. Lyrical duties by none other than the world renowned & underground legend Roughneck Jihad.

Roughneck Jihad is based out of the west coast U.S.A. and has been releasing top tier work through his independent label Disgruntled Records and collaborating with other independent labels and artists across the scene for over 3 decades. Quick with the raps and sharp on a mic, Roughneck Jihad disperses his poetry in bursts of measured chaos and lightning speed as comfortably as you might smoke a blunt. Rhythms riddled with deep meaning and hidden thought, you’ll be untangling his wise words long after they’ve worked their way through your cortex.

Symatic hailing from Bristol in the UK is one half of Cut & Paste Records and continues to explore twisting & flipping waveforms with his scratching, live looping and tape delay knowledge. The music for Simon Bar Sinister was all scratched using turntables, live looping, and a cassette tape-delay to create the gritty sonic textures found throughout the EP. Many of the samples & tones being shifted under his stylus are found on C&P DJ tool releases.

Simon Bar Sinister takes the fight to the phonies and delivers clarity of thought and twisted waveforms that very unsurprisingly blast the doors off creativity. From slow tempo to cheeky bounce, the EP twists its way through a swath of musical styles showcasing two masters of their craft in deep concentration.

Mastered by D. Perez

Side A:
A1. Blow Up The Spot
A2. Extinct
A3. Legit Spit

Side B:
B1. Play Fight
B2. Symmetry
B3. Better Prepare