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Cut & Paste Records

NMCP Studio - Zarecord

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Zarecord (CNP005)

Cut & Paste Records are proud to announce their debut music EP called Zarecord - a collaboration between Noka & M_Cue (Russia) Electrofood_CH (Belarus) and Symatic (UK).

Hailing from the northern Russian city of Tver, Noka and M-Cue run NMCP Studio. Here they cut records by hand on a record-cutting lathe which they made entirely themselves, sometimes releasing small runs of records by friends and local producers. They also have been behind numerous beat loopers which go by the name Zalooper.

Minsk's Electrofood_CH has been a cornerstone of the local underground music scene for years, as part of the local Electrofood collective, putting on parties and events, setting up battery-powered sound systems on the streets, and making or contributing to countless beat loopers online. Recently he set up - an online archive of looping beats to listen to, share, and freestyle over.

Symatic is one third of Cut & Paste Records in the UK, has been releasing scratch sample records for the past few years and making beats, practice loopers and scratch-based music for longer than that.

After connecting through the online scratch community and collaborating on Zalooper 3, the group met in Belarus for a series of shows and decided to release a record that would reflect their approach to scratch music.

This 12" has a track from each of the 4 producers on side A, and skip-proof scratch sentences on side B, followed by a selection of synth and drum sounds produced by NMCP Studio, all configured to the skip-proof grid ready to be manipulated by the user.
The whole project has been mastered by the legendary Stardelta Audio in the UK, and the artwork done by Russian artist 8D.

Side A:

1) VALIVA ALEATORICA by Noka & M.Cue (NMCP Studio)
2) UFO by Noka & M.Cue (NMCP Studio)
3) SHPARKA KREMZAT by Electrofood_CH
4) FURRY ROACH by Symatic (Cut & Paste Records)

Side B:



Also available as a digital download from Cut & Paste Records Bandcamp

Music Video for UFO

Check this video for a demonstration of the record !