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Cut & Paste Records

12 inch vinyl - NMCP Studio - Dope On Plastic 5

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Dope On Plastic 5 (CNP027)

The 5th installment of insturmental hip hop beats from Eastern Europe, compiled by the underground dubplate record- cutting masters NMCP Studio, based in Tver City, Russia.

Dope On Plastic volumes 1 & 2 are exclusively hand-cut 7” discs manufactured by NMCP themselves, who then dropped the 3rd installment on 12” vinyl back in 2017. Volume 4 was released here on Cut & Paste Records and we're very excited to bring this fresh stash of neck-snapping goodness to your ears.

Featuring beatmakers from Russia, Ukraine and Germany, this compilation represents years of international collaboration and hard work, and the positive energy of each track brings classic flavour while representing the forward-thinking of the artists involved.

Adlib Swayze, Thelonious Coltrane, Eto Paranoia, Black24Bird, NMCP, Boora, Jazz Rawla, Dani Desh, One Man, Howak and Green Boodah bring the sounds of the streets, the rooftops, the train yards and the back-alleys and distil them through the haze of yellow smoke and spraypaint into the audio treats you hear on this wax.

Side A:
Track 1: Adlib Swayze - Witchdocta
Track 2: Thelonious Coltrane – Don't Believe
Track 3: Eto Paranoia – Smooth Return
Track 4: Black24Bird – Rage
Track 5: NMCP- 5000

Side B:
Track 1: Boora - Troubleshooter
Track 2: Jazz Rawla – Yo I Gotta Jazz
Track 3: Dani Desh – Gunz
Track 4: ONE MAN x Howak – Champions
Track 5: Green Boodah – Life & Reality