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12 inch vinyl - Moschops - Skratch Fossils 2

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12” CNP033 “Skratch Fossils 2” by Moschops


Following the success of the original Skratch Fossils, Moschops dug a little deeper to bring the skratching world a fresh new selection of skipless sounds to cut up and mix.

Skratch Fossils 2 contains over 125 unique and original sample sources including splashes, hits, squelches, vocals, drums, tones and assorted instruments, all arranged and mixed to the highest quality and designed to boost your turntable creativity!

The Artwork is by renowned mech artist Dipo Muh aka Nomansnodead, and takes the pre-historic theme into the distant future with a robotic dinosaur at the controls.

Arranged for DJ's working on either regular or ultra-pitch turntables, the crisp mastering by Moschops means that however the record is used, it packs a punch. There are 3 skipless speeds employed, 166.66 BPM (which makes a 5-point pattern each rotation) 100 BPM (which makes a 3-point pattern) and on the flip side it is all 133.33 BPM (which makes a 4-point pattern).

Both sides end with lock-groove tones for pitch play, and there's a classic breakbeat in there which is also a lock-groove, perfect for practice sessions or for some creative beat chopping.

Disc Mastering by Lewis at Stardelta.

Pressed by The Vinyl Factory in London, England.