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12 inch vinyl - DJ Drinks - Nightline EP

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Nightline EP (WST-006)

Dj Drinks (aka The Summit) has previously released two acclaimed instrumental lp’s on Soundweight Records ‘Nocturnes and ‘Rift Valley’, along with producing Cappo’s ‘Thousand Word Exodus’ 12” and Melanin 9’s classic ‘Amulets’ 12” for the now defunct Blunted Astronaut Records... and most recently contributing four tracks to Cappo & Cyrus Malachi’s ‘Post Modernism’ lp released on Village Live.

Also as a part of the North London production team Armed Dukes he add’s another two lp’s to his list of credits with their debut lp ‘Quadrant’ released on MUJ and the follow up ‘Calibre’ released on We Stay True in 2018.

‘Nightline’ is actually his first full length lp under the Dj Drinks moniker and it builds upon the high standard and quality control seen across all his past projects. ‘Nightline’ is a distillation of records, sampled, de constructed and methodically reconstructed using the legendary EMU Systems SP1200 & Emax samplers to create straight forward, emotive & atmospheric instrumentals with a raw, purist, boom bap approach.

The artwork (by Bee) was inspired by jazz albums of the past and reflects the uncluttered vibe of the music contained inside.

Released June 3, 2019

Produced, recorded and mixed by Dj Drinks
Mastered by Ken Long
Photography & design by Bee Graphics