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12 inch vinyl - DJ Chmielix - Tylko Dla Kumatych

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Tylko Dla Kumatych (SKR001)

Poland has more than its fair share of top-level skratchers, and the local scene is strong enough to regularly fill arenas for skratch events. It was high time for someone to step up with a Polish release, and DJ Chmielix is the man to have done just that. He’s been putting his best foot forward in the scratch game since 2004 when he jumped in head first on the cut and has not looked back since. He’s currently involved in all corners of the scene, from battling to hosting battles and involved with numerous artistic projects on the cut.

Chmielix founded Skratchorama Records in 2018 as a both a label and an online-shop and the first release - TYLKO DLA KUMATYCH (ONLY FOR THE SMART ONES) is the first ever all-Polish-language skratch tool. Full of hooks, punchlines and disses from the depths of the Polish hip-hop scene, where Chmielix has strong connections to local beat producers and MC's.

Side 1 is arranged for ultrapitch speed of 133 BPM, and Side 2 rolls in at 100 BPM, functional for regular pitch ranges, and there are 10 scratch loops per side. All original scratch sentences have been put together by DJ Chmielix. The Ahhhhh found on this record was created by Steve Nash, with DJ Symatic lending an ear to help put this project together. Final mastering by none other than LE JAD means you can expect a loud and clear cut using this 12”.

Whether you are battling, or just looking for a new set strange sounds to get funky with, TYLKO DLA KUMATYCH (ONLY FOR THE SMART ONES) is easy to use and will deliver the nasty knockout lines you're hoping for!

Side A:
133.33 BPM Ultrapitch Skipless Samples

Side B:
99.99 BPM Regular Pitch Skipless Samples