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12 inch vinyl - Deviant & Naive Ted - Send In The Hounds

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Send In The Hounds (CSMV001)

Who is Deviant & Naive Ted? The shortest answer is “2 brains, one body”, as the man's a certified boss in so many ways that he had to accommodate a whole extra human's mind just to cope with the sheer volume of creative output coming from his hands.

Cut & Paste Records is extremely happy to be presenting the last of the lost stock of Deviant & Naive Ted's first 12” record, which came out back in 2010 on the Community Skratch Music label, released at the 5th annual Community Skratch Games held in Galway, Ireland, which Deviant happens to have been an original founding member of.

From the original notes on the release:

“Building upon the success of last years Alphabet Set 7′′ and the recent split 7′′ with C!ties on StressDebtChestPains, “Send In The Hounds” is another collection of dusty musings from the foggy corner of (sur)reality. Traditional Irish folk music presents the body for dissection. Bled. Cut up. Cured. Smoked.
From the bog at Cloonakilleg. Outside looking in. He’s thinking Wu-Tang. The other’s thinking Joe Heaney.”

This is a high quality slice of Irish underground music, made all the more significant now that we have a few more years of Ted's unique storyline to remenice on. Here is a glimpse into the early days of a living legend who's contribution is yet to be (if ever) fully comprehended.

Side A:

1 – Oh! Gravity
2 - 21 Solution / Let's Not Be Hasty 3 - War (Another Consequence)
4 - The Old Make The New
5 – More War (Sebi C Bonus)

Side B:

1 – Send In The Hounds
2 – He Is Said He
3 – Urge
4 – Milk For Colour
5 – Overheard
6 – The Old Make The New (Instrumental Bonus)