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12 inch vinyl - Backtrack & The Skratchlords - CSM Skipless Vol 1

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CSMV002 - Backtrack & The Skratchlords "CSM Skipless Vol 1"

The original Skratchlords skipless record - back in stock for the first time in years!

Arranged by DJ Backtrack, and released on the Community Skratch Music imprint, this record is designed for the hardcore heads.

Cut LOUD, with all the essential tools and phrases to cover live solo performances, scratch battles, practice sessions and jams.

Very limited stock remaining, this is the last of the original pressing.

Speaking of original pressing, here's some info from the Kickstarter campaign that got this made in the first place!

"Community Skratch is a non-hierarchical collective of musicians who primarily perform their music by manipulating records. The first event was held in Galway in 2007, organised by Irish skratch group Vince Mack Mahon (Jimmy Penguin, Tweek (now Danny Deepo), Mikey Fingers & Deviant), essentially as a vehicle to gather all the skratch DJs from around Ireland in one room, away from the pressure of the DMC/ITF battles that were popular at the time as well as to showcase the niche artform of turntable manipulation that had so greatly enriched the lives of all the participants.

The success of this first event spawned other events through the year and in the second year another flagship event was born, this time in Brighton, UK. The inaugural Community Skratch BBQ was promoted by the legendary DJ Manipulate and again surprised everyone as being a runaway success. As the years rolled on the collective grew to incorporate events all around Ireland as well as the UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Norway.

It's important to note that Community Skratch is a not-for-profit venture. The vast majority of events are free and those that are not free are kept as cheap as possible. As far as artist payment goes - there is none. Those travelling from far away get some money towards their travel but in general attending these events COSTS the artists money! Daft? Maybe. But it prevents the event (and the overall mission) from being commercialised.

No individual will ever make money from Community Skratch and that's the point.

Art for art's sake. Art for the community's sake.

Additional information

So. That's a lot of information. But let's not forget why we're here. Backtrack & The Skratchlords want to release a skipless record for skratch DJs.

The audio for this record has been completed. It was compiled and produced by Backtrack, representing the Swedish wing of the CSM community.

Jimmy Penguin (Irl), Lone Wolf (UK), Djackulate (Irl), Cut Man Doo (Pol), Moschops (UK) and Backtrack (Swe) himself provided samples, loops and skratch sentences for this project making into a truly international collaboration."