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12 inch Skratch Freques set - Undo Sequence - 2 discs

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Skratch Freques - 2 discs

The Skratch Freques weigh only 95gram which makes them much lighter than a standard vinyl record, they're ideal for scratching with PHASE.

The Skratch Freques glide amazingly well on slip mats or slip sheets for a perfect scratch experience.

The Skratch Freques are 1mm thick with a tolerance of 0.3mm.

Using the Skratch Freques reduces the amount of times you have to lick fingers as the Skratch Freques surface grips well on skin.

The Skratch Freques can be cleaned easily before, during and after multi DJ sessions for good hygiene.

Your Turntable strobe light will illuminate the Skratch Freques even in the darkest environments, meaning you can always see your cue marker.

You will receive a pair. (x2)