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Cut & Paste Records

12 inch vinyl - Goldielocksnthethreebrares - Leighton Harris - Man O War

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Man O War (LH001)

“Congratulations you're the proud owner of this super deadly limited edition MAN O' WAR question & answer scratch battle record!!!” Leighton Harris is very much the man that reignited independent scratch wax production in 2012 with the Man O' War release, and planted the seed that grew into Cut & Paste Records. December 2017 sees the 5 year anniversary of this beautiful piece of wax, a short run of copies has been forged to mark the occasion.

All samples and loops are arranged to work with regular turntables with +/- 8% pitch.

The A side is made up of 20 skipless tracks, consisting of scratching effects/tones etc and battle ready sentences.

The B side is made up of 15 odd minutes of all the best battle ready samples and tones effects etc, one after the other (not skipless) its ideal for a battle or question and answer situation, filled with intros, punchlines, disses and classic quotes.

Both sides have etched artwork by the label, which are aligned by hand to work as cue-point markers.

The colour of your glitter vinyl will be random. All copies are sealed. Whatever the colour, they are proper dope.

Arranged by Leighton Harris