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12 inch vinyl - Goldielocksnthethreebrares - Leighton Harris - Black Magic

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Black Magic (LH002) 2 x 12" disc set

Please note : Some Black Magic vinyl sets are pressed on colour, others are pressed on black vinyl. We will start by shipping the coloured sets until they run out, then we will ship the black vinyl sets. Requests on specific colours are not possible.

Black Magic is the much anticipated follow up to Man 'O War that was released in 2012 by Leighton Harris. This is a 2 x 12" scratch vinyl set. Truly a one of a kind scratch tool, broken down into "Player 1" and "Player 2" – set up for scratch jam sessions between two tablists. This release is an amazing piece of scratch craftsmanship with the video game and mushroom themed etchings on all sides (also designed and hand crafted by the artist) perfectly lined up to be able to cue your samples with ease. All samples and loops are arranged to work with regular turntables with +/- 8% pitch.

The A/C sides are each composed of 18 skip-proof, vocal and SFX tracks. They have been laid out in the same format on each disc for immediate jam sessions – here's the clever part: for every “question” sentence on Side A, there is a corresponding “answer” sentence on Side C, so between 2 players, there is no end of fun that can be had cutting up battle phrases that work together perfectly. And with such a cleverly thought out design, it is very intuitive to use.

The B/D sides are themed into non-skip-proof tracks for the most part, although thre are a few on each side to make it easy to jump into hardcore cutting at the drop of a needle. Again these sentences are worked out in a series of themed sections, with intro's, disses, retorts, and even finishing lines and outro's. Even if you lose the battle, theres hilarious samples provided to conceed defeat in style!

All sides are hand etched A, B, C & D

Arranged by Leighton Harris

Side A : 83.33 BPM skip-proof scratch samples

Side B : 83.33 BPM scratch samples

Side C : 83.33 BPM skip-proof scratch samples

Side D : 83.33 BPM scratch samples